The VSTH Group represents the long-held vision of its founders to create a merchant bank firmly anchored in the middle markets. After many years of experience as both advisors and operators, the founders were fully aware of the difficulty middle-market players faced in obtaining private equity capital and high quality advisory expertise.

Partners Kerry Vickar and Bryan Smith grew CorrFlex Graphics - a provider of packaging and display products - from inception to more than $250 million dollars in revenues before selling it to Sonoco Products [NYSE: SON].

In growing CorrFlex, they learned the true value of trusted advice and access to capital. They also found that neither was readily available to small and mid-size companies as quality advisors and investors increasingly moved upstream in their markets to chase ever-larger transactions.

Patrick Heinrich, VSTH's Managing Partner, joined the two entrepreneurs in fulfilling their vision after ten-plus years as a corporate attorney and M&A banker where he observed many of the same phenomena. He saw great opportunity in offering Wall-Street level expertise where it was not previously obtainable.

VSTH brings a host of experience from various national firms, including KPMG, Ernst and Young's Mergers & Acquisitions Group, Arthur Anderson and Grant Thornton.